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Baiardo L Besaitungsmaschine

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  • The Baiardo L builds upon the architecture and design of the award-winning Wilson Baiardo machine with a commitment to lightweight efficiency and practicality. Weighing 20% lighter than the original Baiardo, this machine maintains a sleek look with a few new features: manual up-down tilt for ideal ergonomic design, five-teeth clamps to minimize string interference, mounting posts that adjust inward to better fit badminton racquets, and a reel rack on the floor stand that holds string reels for added convenience. Users can toggle between KG and LBS, select from three pulling speeds, adjust pre-stretch up to 20%, and tie off knots with 10% extra tension. Additional settings on the display include calibration, touch button sensitivity, and ability to view number of rackets strung. Machine comes with necessary assembly tools and quick set-up sheet to guide users. Machine must be assembled with at least two people.
    • Manual up-down tilt for practical ergonomic design and comfort
    • Weighs 20% less than original Wilson Baiardo
    • Height at maximum extension: 52"; Height at minimum extension: 41"; Width: 41"
    • Modular design allows for easy replacement and installation for a specific part
    • Additional function displays quantity of rackets strung by number of strings
    • Mounting posts adjust inward to better accommodate badminton rackets
    • Six-point mounting system with various sizes of inner support pads to adjust fit
    • Tensioning system includes multiple pull speeds and the ability to adjust the calibration if necessary
    • Angled stand (7 degrees) creates more room for user's feet underneath the machine
    • Included stringing tools: starter clamp, needle nose pliers, cutter, awl
    • Included assembly tools: All necessary Hex keys
    • Baiardo L Operator Manual
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Tech Tabs

5-Tooth Clamps

To maximize grip and minimize string interference, the Baiardo L features five-tooth clamps instead of the wider four-tooth clamps of the original Baiardo.

Manual Height & Tilt Adjustment

For practical ergonomic design and comfort, the height and tilt of the Baiardo L is manually adjustable. Read operation manual for additional details.

Display Interface

Offering a simple and easy-to-use interface, the Baiardo L display includes a number of useful functions for stringers, including puller speed, pre-stretch, knot tensioning & calibration.

Adjustable Mounting Posts

The Baiardo L features mounting posts that can spring forward to better accommodate badminton rackets. Badminton adapter kit also included.

Reel Rack

New to the Baiardo L, the reel rack is located on the right side of the base column for stringers to conveniently store reels of string.

Baiardo  Baiardo L
7 DegreesStand Angle7 Degrees
52in/132cmMax. Height51.3in/130.4cm
41in/106cmMin. Height39.5in/100.4cm
AutomaticHeight & Tilt AdjustmentManual
4 FingersClamps5 Fingers
Anti-GravityClamp BasesTwist Locking
MultiplePuller Speed3
MulitpleKnot Pull1
NoReel RackJa
NoAdjustable PostsJa
JaTouch ScreenNo
JaUser ProfilesNo
Racket being strung on a Wilson Baiardo Stringing machine



Award-winning design. Expert functionality.
Learn more about the setup, operation and maintenance of Wilson's stringing machines.

Award-winning design. Expert functionality.
Learn more about the setup, operation and maintenance of Wilson's stringing machines.