Eminence Soccer Ball (Germany), Size 5

14,95 €
  • Wilson Eminence is the ideal ball for all those who like soccer and won’t miss a game of the World Cup. The Wilson Eminence soccer ball combines design and quality : Having a graphic design inspired by the World Cup and the colours representing several countries, construction of 30 machine-sewn panels and PVC textured coating for an improved feel. Its durable construction and butyl rubber air chamber allow optimal shape retention.
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  • Artikelnummer(n) WTE0118XB03
    Value of the size Keine Angabe
    Blasenkonstruktion Butyl-Gummi
    Konstruktion der Balloberfläche 30 Panels, maschinengenäht
    Oberflächenmaterial Nein
    Ballfutter Nein
    Ballgröße 5 – Ab 13 Jahre
    Zugelassen von Nein
    Gender (localizable) Nein