Pro Staff 97 Countervail Tennisschläger

270,00 €

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Wilson empfiehlt für diesen Schläger:
  • NXT Saiten

  • Bespannungshärte 22,5 bis 27,5 kg, optimal 25 kg.

String Modell
270,00 €

Custom-strung rackets ship in 2 - 3 days.

  • All new in 2018, the Pro Staff 97 Countervail combines the sleek look of Roger's new Pro Staff RF97 with the enhanced precision, consistency and energy derived from Countervail. The next evolution of ultimate performance has arrived to the Pro Staff franchise.
    • Eine leichtgewichtige Version von Roger Federers Pro Staff RF97 Autograph
    • Integrated Countervail Technology maximizes player energy, consistency and precision
    • Uncontaminated design features black frame with white gloss finish at 3 and 9 o'clock
    • Braided Graphite-Ausführung bietet pures, klassisches Spielgefühl
    • Besaitungsanleitung
  • Artikelnummer(n) WRT74181U1, WRT74181U2, WRT74181U3, WRT74181U4
    Value of the size Nein
    Cross Section 21.5 FB
    Kopfgröße 97 in² - 625,80 cm²
    String Pattern 16 x 19
    Unstrung Balance 31 cm/10 Pts HL
    Besaitungsgewicht Nein
    Unstrung Weight 315 g
    Länge 27 in - 68,6 cm
    Series Pro Staff
    Altersklasse Nein
    Gender (localizable) Nein

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Über den Pro Staff

Pinpoint precision. Supreme class. Quintessential feel. Continuing in the vein of Wilson’s new design DNA featuring bold and elegant frames, the new Pro Staff puts a twist on the wildly popular black models. In the words of Roger Federer, “the tuxedo racket has found its shirt.” Flashing a white matte finish at 3 and 9 o’clock, this racket combines a sleek look with the classic control and feel that tennis players around the world have come to love. The next evolution of ultimate performance has arrived to the Pro Staff franchise.

Play Your Heart Out

The zip of a tennis bag. The pop of a can of tennis balls. The swoosh of tennis balls soaring back and forth. These are sounds synonymous with the game players love. And when you pair an award-winning music producer and a legendary tennis player together, these sounds are amplified and harmonized to create a truly unique beat. Check out this sneak peek of the collaboration between Money Mark and Roger Federer, and rediscover the beautiful sounds that all tennis players, regardless of experience and playing style, can relate to.


Wilson has created a collection of performance tennis rackets featuring designs unparalleled in vibrancy, simplicity and elegance. Designs that ignore the distractions and focus solely on the essentials. What remains are timeless, uncontaminated designs, meticulous in detail and bold in their beauty. These designs produce rackets that want to be held - and a psychological edge for the player bold enough to pick one up.


With its groundbreaking carbon layer integrated into the frame, Countervail is a material technology that maximizes a player’s energy, reduces muscle fatigue and shortens recovery time.

Braided Graphite

Braided Graphite bietet das pure, solide und konsistente Spielgefühl, das Spieler seit Jahrzehnten lieben. Diese starke Konstruktion dämpft Vibrationen und verbessert Ballgefühl und Kontrolle.

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