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US Open Adult Bundle

69,99 €

US Open Tennis Racket - 4 3/8" Grip Size   + (50,00 €) 45,45 €
US Open XD Tennis Balls - 4 Ball Can, 2 Pack   + (13,00 €) 11,82 €
Pro Overgrip - Yellow, 3 Pack   + (8,00 €) 7,27 €
Pro Feel Racquet Dampener   + (6,00 €) 5,45 €

  • Starter set meets the top tennis tournament on US soil: the US Open Adult Bundle comprises a fun mix of tennis equipment for recreational and beginner players interested in developing their game. The highlight of the collection is the US Open tennis racket, a frame that blends stiff and flexible properties for a comfortable feel and excellent playability regardless of playing style. Bundle also includes four-pack of US Open Extra Duty tennis balls, three-pack of Pro Overgrip (color of your choice), and two-pack of US Open vibration dampeners to reduce shock and vibrations felt up your arm when the ball contacts the string bed.
    • Starter tennis set designed for recreational adult players
    • US Open racket comprises fused graphite and aluminum construction for excellent playability 
    • Includes 4 cans of US Open Extra Duty tennis balls: Official Ball of US Open and crafted with premium woven felt for ultimate performance on hard court surfaces
    • Includes 3-pack of Pro Overgrip: grip used by many pros on tour for its superb feel and durability
    • US Open vibration dampener 2-pack enhances shock absorption for cleaner, more comfortable feel one every shot
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