Men's Kaos 2.0 SFT Tennisschuh

140,00 €
140,00 €

  • Become one with your shoe when you flash the Kaos 2.0 SFT. Highlighted by cutting-edge Symbiofit technology, the Kaos 2.0 SFT comprises a full bootie construction and lateral webbings to maximize feel and comfort throughout the foot. Combine a symbiotic fit with the superior support and durability offered by Skinguard, and you have dynamic footwear personified.
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  • Artikelnummer(n) WRS323780E065, WRS323780E070, WRS323780E075, WRS323780E080, WRS323780E085, WRS323780E090, WRS323780E095, WRS323780E100, WRS323780E105, WRS323780E110, WRS323780E115, WRS323780E120, WRS323780E125, WRS323780E135, WRS323790E065, WRS323790E070, WRS323790E075, WRS323790E080, WRS323790E085, WRS323790E090, WRS323790E095, WRS323790E100, WRS323790E105, WRS323790E110, WRS323790E115, WRS323790E120, WRS323790E125, WRS323790E135, WRS324680E035, WRS324680E040, WRS324680E045, WRS324680E050, WRS324680E055, WRS324680E060, WRS324680E065, WRS324680E070, WRS324680E075, WRS324680E080, WRS324680E085, WRS324680E090, WRS324680E095, WRS324680E100, WRS324680E105, WRS324680E110, WRS324680E120, WRS324680E125, WRS324680E135, WRS324800E065, WRS324800E070, WRS324800E075, WRS324800E080, WRS324800E085, WRS324800E090, WRS324800E095, WRS324800E100, WRS324800E105, WRS324800E110, WRS324800E115, WRS324800E120, WRS324800E125, WRS324800E135
    Value of the size Nein
    Geschlecht Herren
    Gender (localizable) Herren
    Altersklasse Adult
    Gewicht (g) 345 (US men's size 9)
    Gewicht (oz.) 12.2 (US men's size 9)