Kaos 2.0 Tennisschuh, Herren

130,00 €
130,00 €

  • Ultra-lightweight and flexible, the Kaos 2.0 features Skinguard and Endofit technology to enhance support for lateral movements and push-offs. Designed for those armed with a passion for style and performance, this shoe's Light Pro Torque arch technology satisfies a player's craving for speed and propulsion all over the court.
    • Skinguard administers upper protection for durability; forefoot and lateral reinforcement enhance support during lateral movements and push-offs
    • DF2 provides cushioned court feel, yielding compromise between comfort and quick performance (DF2 = HT Drop 9 mm)
    • 2D-FS bietet verstärkten Halt, Reaktionsfähigkeit, Seitenstabilität und Kontrolle im Vorderfußbereich des Schuhs
    • Endofit bietet mehr Komfort, Stabilität und eine intuitive Passform durch eine komplette Innensockenkonstruktion
    • R-DST+ offers the best combination of cushioning and rebound for more dynamic performance
    • Pro Torque Chassis Light uses arch technology built for speed to provide ultimate stability and flexibility
    • Duralast consists of a high-density, consummately durable rubber compound that provides abrasion resistance and maximum traction on all surfaces
  • Artikelnummer(n) WRS323820E065, WRS323820E070, WRS323820E075, WRS323820E080, WRS323820E085, WRS323820E090, WRS323820E095, WRS323820E100, WRS323820E105, WRS323820E110, WRS323820E115, WRS323820E120, WRS323820E125, WRS323820E135, WRS323830E065, WRS323830E070, WRS323830E075, WRS323830E080, WRS323830E085, WRS323830E090, WRS323830E095, WRS323830E100, WRS323830E105, WRS323830E110, WRS323830E115, WRS323830E120, WRS323830E125, WRS323830E135, WRS323840E065, WRS323840E070, WRS323840E075, WRS323840E080, WRS323840E085, WRS323840E090, WRS323840E095, WRS323840E100, WRS323840E105, WRS323840E110, WRS323840E115, WRS323840E120, WRS323840E125, WRS323840E135, WRS324810E065, WRS324810E070, WRS324810E075, WRS324810E080, WRS324810E085, WRS324810E090, WRS324810E095, WRS324810E100, WRS324810E105, WRS324810E110, WRS324810E115, WRS324810E120, WRS324810E125, WRS324810E135
    Value of the size Nein
    Geschlecht Herren
    Gender (localizable) Herren
    Altersklasse Adult
    Gewicht (g) 325 (US-Größe 9)
    Gewicht (oz.) 11,5 (US-Größe 9)