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OPTX AVP Mini Volleyball - Deflated

11,95 €

  • The best players on the beach are always one step ahead. When you can read and react to where the game is going, you can be too. The breakthrough design of the OPTX AVP Tour Game Volleyball brings a whole new visual approach to the beach, and that same design is available on the new OPTX AVP Mini Volleyball. New VST™ (visual spin technology) uses strategic color variance to enhance the human eye’s ability to detect spin on the ball. A vibrant color palette and Optic Flow graphics allow the ball to be more easily tracked in the diverse environments of beach volleyball, like clouds, sky, sand, water, and crowds. With the OPTX AVP Mini Volleyball, you’ll see the game like never before.
    • ENHANCED BALL TRACKING: The vibrant color palette and Optic Flow graphics allow for better ball tracking in the dynamic and diverse environments of beach volleyball.
    • SUPERIOR SPIN DETECTION: VST™ uses color variance to allow easier spin detection, so you can read and react to where the game is going.
    • MINI SIZE: The OPTX Mini Volleyball packs the same visual innovation into a mini ball that makes a perfect gift for volleyball fans.
    • BUILT FOR THE BEACH: The OPTX was designed specifically for the beach game and its players, re-imaging what a beach volleyball should look like.
    • AVP OFFICIAL: Wilson is the official volleyball of the AVP.
    • SHIPS DEFLATED: This ball is deflated for shipment, and will require inflation before play.
  • Artikelnummer(n) WTH10020XB
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    Konstruktion der Balloberfläche Komposit-Leder
    Spielfeld Outdoor
    Ballgröße Mini
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