Reaction 70 Badminton String Set - White

  • Designed for next-level control and durability, Reaction 70 badminton string contains a number of beneficial features for aspirational players. Its thickness is a desirable trait for frequent string breakers, while its tri-twist polyamide outer wraps protect the core from abrasions. Pressure-injected resin help provide enhanced feel and improved accuracy on critical points.
    • Multifilament string with tri-twist polyamide outer wraps 
    • Pressure-injected resin amplifies feel and control
    • For more power, string at looser tension; for more control, string at tighter tension
    • Available in 10 meter (33 ft) set
  • Product SKU(s) WRR942700
    Racket String Category Control
    String Gauge 21G (0.72MM)
    Pack Size Set