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Smash 66 200M Reel - White


  • Generate some more power on your smashes with Wilson's Smash 66 badminton string. This multifilament includes fluorocarbon filaments that deliver a lethal combination of power and comfort. Its relatively thin string diameter (0.68mm) serves as another source of power, as there is more potential energy created with each and every stroke.
    • Multifilament string with fluorocarbon filaments for excellent power without compromising comfort
    • Thinner string diameter provides high energy return for more responsiveness
    • For more power, string at looser tension; for more control, string at tighter tension
    • Available in 200 meter (656 ft) set
  • Product SKU(s) WRR9430WH
    Collection Power
    String Benefit Power
    String Gauge 22G (0.68mm)
    Pack Size Reel