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Fierce CX9000 Countervail Badminton Racquet


  • The pinnacle for control-oriented performance badminton frames, the Fierce CX9000 CV delivers excellent feel and precision through a mix of innovative technologies. Countervail technology helps reduce vibrations and preserve energy for sustained, consistent performance for longer periods of time.
    • Integrated Countervail Technology transfers the shuttle impact from the arm to the racquet frame, maximizing player energy, consistency and precision
    • Liquid Crystal Fiber Shock Trap removes unwanted shuttle impact shock in the shaft, delivering a softer, less taxing feel
    • Oval Drive Shaft controls torsional forces, lending more control and better shot placement
    • Stable Wrap produces a more stable T-Joint, allowing for stronger and more accurate strokes
    • Ultra High Modulus Carbon Fiber creates frame strength and reliability for the demands of faster play
    • Control Rib Geometry
    • Ultra High Tension (34 lbs) strengthens the hoop for greater power
    • Uni-Body Carbon Design replaces wood handle with lightweight carbon graphite for cleaner feel and more responsive play
    • Feather Light Grip
  • Product SKU(s) WR004010F4
    Flex Medium Stiff
    Strung Balance HH