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Blaze S 2700 Badminton Racquet


  • Featuring a combination of aerodynamic speed and lightweight power, the Blaze S 2700 generates a dose of extra pace for aspiring badminton players. Super Kick Shaft technology triggers faster whip, Graphite T-Joint adds exceptional strength and greater stability, and a flexible shaft induces repulsion for easier clears.
    • High Modulus Carbon Fiber contributes a lightweight feel, lending extra force behind swings
    • Liquid Crystal Fiber removes unwanted shuttle impact shock in the shaft, delivering a softer, less taxing feel
    • Graphite T-Joint provides exceptional strength and greater stability by increasing resistance to frame twisting
    • Super Kick Shaft layup technology generates extra whip through a carefully engineered kick zone
    • Stable Wrap produces a more stable T-Joint, allowing for stronger and more accurate strokes
    • Strung w/ Full Cover
  • Product SKU(s) WRT8949004
    Strung Balance HH