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Blaze SX7700 J CV Badminton Racquet - Black/Red


  • The Blaze SX7700 J CV incorporates Countervail technology integrated into the racquet frame, absorbing shuttle impact for more consistency and better feel. This racquet creates an optimal combination of speed and responsiveness through an aerodynamic frame shape and medium stiff flex.
    • Integrated Countervail Technology transfers the shuttle impact from the arm to the racquet frame, maximizing player energy, consistency and precision
    • Liquid Crystal Fiber Shock Trap removes unwanted shuttle impact shock in the shaft, delivering a softer, less taxing feel
    • Spider Silk Ballistic Frame Armor features a spun ballistic fiber that provides lightweight strength and actively cancels frame shock for a sweet, clean feel
    • Soft Grommet Technology dampens vibration from shuttle impact, reducing player fatigue and enhancing feel
    • Ultra High Modulus Carbon Fiber creates frame strength and reliability for the demands of faster play
    • Feather Light Grip
    • Speed Top Cap
    • Strung w/ Full Cover
  • Product SKU(s) WRT8829004
    Flex Medium Stiff
    Strung Balance HL