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Blaze SX8000 J Spider Badminton Racquet - Black/White


  • Driven by a need for speed, the Blaze SX8000 J Spider features a stiff flex and responsive frame for dynamic performance. New Power Rod 2.0 construction creates force with extra kick, while Spider Silk Ballistic Frame Armor sports a spun fiber that lends lightweight strength and a clean feel.
    • Power Rod 2.0 extends the shaft down through the handle, creating explosive power with the extra kick; lighter construction than original
    • Liquid Crystal Fiber Shock Trap removes unwanted shuttle impact shock in the shaft, delivering a softer, less taxing feel
    • Spider Silk Ballistic Frame Armor features a spun ballistic fiber that provides lightweight strength and actively cancels frame shock for a sweet, clean feel
    • Soft Grommet Technology dampens vibration from shuttle impact, reducing player fatigue and enhancing feel
    • Ultra High Modulus Carbon Fiber creates frame strength and reliability for the demands of faster play
    • Feather Light Grip
    • Speed Top Cap
    • Strung w/ Full Cover
  • Product SKU(s) WRT8827004
    Flex Stiff
    Strung Balance HL