Evolution Game Basketball

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  • When you focus on getting better, and not just on getting results, success takes care of itself. That is why the Evolution Game Ball is the #1 basketball in High Schools across the country. Every part from the moisture-wicking composite cover to the laid in channels provide exceptional performance for those who aren't satisfied with being satisfied.

    *Basketballs ship deflated

  • Product SKU(s) WTB0516, WTB0586
    Channel Construction Pebbled Composite
    Cover Construction Composite Leather
    Playing Surface Indoor
    Series Evolution



Feel the difference. Wilson Evolution.

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Play With Purpose

It's about that feeling you get with every touch. Inspecting the details with your fingertips, spinning it in your palms. Making it dance between your legs, before shooting it to the hoop.

It's that comfort that can't be explained, but known throughout every gym. The confidence to call the shots, to run the court your way. The game's in your hands with the Wilson Evolution.

Now in Five new Colors

Now in Five new Colors

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