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Clash 100 Pro Demo Tennis Racket


  • Demo Program At A Glance: Welcome to Wilson’s Demo Racket Program, an initiative designed for you to try out our all-new Clash 100 Pro and discover what all the hype is about. By default for best results, the string for this frame features Luxilon 4G 125 on the mains and Wilson NXT 16 on the crosses, with a tension of 53 lbs. See below for additional demo program details. 

    Clash 100 Pro matches all the hype through a combination of best-in-class control and flexibility. This is achieved through an extreme head-light balance in conjunction with FreeFlex, an all-new technology that features proprietary carbon mapping - a construction that allows the frame to bend in new dimensions for ultimate ball pocketing and added dwell time. StableSmart frame geometry preserves the stability through the swing, creating a racket that achieves extraordinary flexibility with best-in-class stability. Hit the court with Clash 100 Pro and reach levels of confidence in your game that you've never felt before.
    • Super head-light balance reduces swing weight and amplifies control of the head through the swing
    • Powered by proprietary carbon mapping, FreeFlex allows the frame to bend in all-new dimensions for maximum ball pocketing and ultimate control
    • StableSmart creates a unique frame geometry for the most flexible frame in tennis, delivering best-in-class stability and power 
    • Parallel Drilling provides a consistent, more forgiving string bed response
    • Uncontaminated design features clean lines, bold color accents and elastic finish of current Wilson performance racket design DNA
  • Product SKU(s) WR005711C2, WR005711C3
    Cross Section 24.5 FB
    Head Size 645.2 sq cm
    String Pattern 16x19
    Unstrung Balance 30.6CM/11 Pts HL
    Unstrung Weight 310 g
    Length 27 in - 68 cm
    Series Clash
    Player Type Avid Competitor
    Racket Benefit Control
Clash Tennis Racket Reaction Video

Clash Tech Tabs


A racket for the modern player has arrived. Powered by proprietary carbon construction and a unique frame geometry, Clash features a revolutionary frame that bends in all-new dimensions while maintaining best-in-class stability. The result is a racket that exudes unmatched confidence and free-swinging accuracy - a racket that delivers a playing experience unlike any before.

FreeFlex Racket Technology


A revolutionary technology that makes Clash the world’s first racket intentionally engineered to bend with any swing style. Both traditional, horizontal strokes and modern, vertical ones are enhanced through proprietary carbon mapping, allowing players to swing freely and confidently with maximum ball pocketing and ultimate control.

StableSmart Racket Technology


Simulation-assisted geometry designed to provide best-in-class stability while allowing the frame to move in pre-specified dimensions.


Clash holds the ball 23% longer than the leading racket before exploding it off the string bed .*

Clash Tennis Racket Design DNA


The game has never seen racket designs like this before – ones that focus only on the essentials and strips away all the unnecessary elements. What remains are timeless, uncontaminated designs, meticulous in detail and bold in their beauty. They create rackets that want to be held and a psychological edge for the player bold enough to pick one up.

  • Traditional Racket Frame Bending


    With a Stiffness Index (SI) of 11.2 mm, Clash is the most flexible racket in tennis, measuring in at 115% more flexible than the leading racket*

  • Clash Tennis Racket Vertical Video


    Clash is the first racket specifically designed to bend with the modern swing, flexing to work in unison with today’s more vertical swing plane . Clash is 200% more vertically flexible than the leading racket.*

  • Clash Tennis Racket Torsional Stability Video


    Clash’s flexibility pairs with best-in-class stability for a playing experience like no other. Clash is 100% as stable as the leading racket.*


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the Demo Return Process work?
    • Log in to your account.
    • Navigate to ‘Demo Returns’ on menu.
    • Select order with demo racket to return.
    • Select demo racket(s) to return and submit.
    • Ship all demo rackets back to Wilson by the sixth full day after delivery using return label generated from
  • What happens if I damage or don’t return a demo racket?
    If the demo period ends and any of the demo rackets have not been returned to the appropriate drop-off location using an appropriate return label generated from, or if the rackets are returned damaged, we will need to charge your card the full price for each outstanding or damaged racket. Demo racket retail prices are listed on the Tennis Racket Demo Page and will be displayed within the shopping cart at checkout.
  • What happens if I want to buy the demo racket?
    If you would like to purchase any of the demo rackets you are trying out, find the in-line version on and purchase. All demo rackets should be returned to Wilson.
  • What is the cost for using the demo racket program?
    Wilson’s demo racket program is offered at no cost to you, except for a £10 (for UK residents) or €10 (for non-UK residents) shipping fee per order. There will be a hold on your credit card in the amount of the suggested retail price for each demo racket that you order, but this will be deleted upon successful return of the racket(s).
  • Who is eligible for Wilson’s demo racket program?
    Currently, Wilson’s demo racket program in Europe is only available to customers who live in the following countries: Germany, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom.