GST Skill Glove - Adult


  • If you can touch it, you can catch it. With the GST Skill gloves, that's true. Optimally designed for receivers, these gloves have a flexible hand and perforated grip that provide what you need to maximize every play.
    • Optimally designed for WRs, DBs, RBs, & QBs
    • Features a TackTech™ silicone segmented palm that allows for greater durability and additional hand flexion
    • Segmented palm also allows for moisture disbursement when wet to help keep palm dry
    • Flexible thumb-index finger construction increases hand flexion for maximum grip and durability
    • Back of the hand is a combination of ProFuse™ stability technology that provides a secure fit paired with a light and breathable stretch poly for maximum ventilation
  • Product SKU(s) WTF9400BKL, WTF9400BKM, WTF9400BKS, WTF9400BKXL, WTF9400BKXXL, WTF9400WHL, WTF9400WHM, WTF9400WHS, WTF9400WHXL, WTF9400WHXXL