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Blade Padel Paddle



  • The Blade is a control-oriented paddle equipped with Lite Density Foam for a lightweight, comfortable feel. Strategically woven carbon fiber in the paddle face provides a dose of power, giving competitive players superb performance with every shot.
    • Carbon Fiber Face features a strategically woven layer of carbon fiber that gives players the ability to hit with ultimate power
    • Tri-Hex Grip increases spin for players through a revolutionary texture
    • Lite Density Foam generates excellent paddle responsiveness at a lighter weight for less arm fatigue
    • Sharp Hole Technology uses an advanced hole-drilling process to grab the ball and enhance bite on all hits
    • Sublime Grip encompasses ideal blend of softness, tack and comfort with additional moisture absorption through micro-perforations on the surface
    • Wrist Strap attached to handle provides extra control and safety measures
  • Product SKU(s) WRT970500, WRT970600
    Series Blade

Blade Padel Tabs


Crafted for next-level performance, Blade combines a responsive paddle surface with a compact, tear drop head shape for superior feel and an effective blend of power and control. This series serves up excellent options for balanced players who can play a mix of tactical defense and aggressive offense.


A strategically woven layer of carbon fiber gives the player the ability to hit with ultimate power.


Produces the most responsive paddle shots at a reduced weight. Offering a cushioned feel with impressive shock absorption, this softer foam makes it easier than ever to maneuver and swing with lightweight power.


A unique texture that induces added ball rotation and spin upon contact with the paddle surface.


Advanced hole drilling process produces increased bite with every stroke.


Tear Drop shape produces sweet spot higher up on paddle face for versatile performance with excellent blend of power and control.

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