NCAA Stivale II Soccer Ball


  • To play in the championship game, you have to practice like a champion. The NCAA Stivale II is the top training ball that can be used to get you ready for the next match.
    • Top Training Ball
    • NCAA and NFHS approved
    • 20-panel fused-panel construction
    • Highly visibile, tech-graphics with color accents allowing the player to easily track the ball
    • Composite TPU cover for enhanced durability
    • Panels backed with high-density EVA foam for high-energy return upon impact with a soft touch and precision control
    • Performance butyl rubber bladder designed for a balanced, round shape with consistent rebound performance and extedned air control
  • Product SKU(s) WTE9803XB05
    Ball Bladder Construction Butyl Rubber
    Ball Cover Construction 20-Panel Sewn
    Ball Cover Material Composite TPU Leather
    Ball Lining Eva Foam
    Ball Size 5 - Ages 13+
    Approved By NCAA, NFHS