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Triniti Tennis Balls - 4 Ball Sleeve


  • The first performance tennis ball designed with fully recyclable packaging, Triniti pushes the limits of sustainable performance. Featuring a unique octagonal paper container, the Triniti sleeve is fully recyclable after use. The ball core integrates a unique plastomer material that impressively extends fresh ball feel, while STR Felt provides enhanced durability and is 50% more flexible than the standard ball for better feel at contact. This blend of new core material and flexible felt allows this ball to maintain enough liveliness to exist outside of a pressurized can. Between a combination of innovative ball technology and unique sustainable packaging, Triniti ushers in a new era for performance tennis balls both on and off the court.
    • First performance tennis ball with fully recyclable packaging
    • Engage Core integrates plastomer material that maintains fresh ball feel 4x longer than a standard core
    • STR Felt is 50% more flexible than standard felt for more feel at contact and provides enhanced durability
    • 5% of profits support worldwide sustainability efforts
    • Sleeve includes four tennis balls
  • Product SKU(s) WRT115200E
    Collection Triniti
    Ball Class All Court Types
    Pack Size 4 Ball Can

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What was the goal behind the development of Triniti?
    On an annual basis, an estimated 400 million tennis balls and 125 million tennis ball cans are purchased and discarded, adding to landfills and other environmental challenges. The goal behind the development of Triniti was to create a more sustainable and durable high-performance tennis ball to empower players with peak performance, while also giving them an option when it comes to environmental impact.
  • In what way is Triniti more sustainable?
    We used an all-new material to create Triniti’s patented Engage Core, which maintains its fresh ball feel 4x longer than a standard rubber tennis ball core*. This new core eliminates the need for pressurized plastic packaging. Triniti comes in a recyclable and biodegradable cardboard sleeve, made with 100% FSC certified materials, thus reducing our contribution to the 125 million tennis ball cans that end up in landfills globally each year.
    *Based on out-of-container rebound loss over time versus leading tennis balls
  • Is Triniti an extra duty or regular duty ball?
    Triniti is an extra duty ball – we have found great performance characteristics on all court surfaces with great durability.
  • Can I use Triniti in a ball machine?
    Yes, Triniti can be used in a ball machine without a problem.
  • Why is there puckering on the felt?
    It was critical to have a felt that lasted as long as Triniti’s patented Engage Core, so we designed a special felt for this special ball. This felt, called STR Felt, is slightly thicker and, as a result, players can occasionally see puckering around the seams. On court performance is not affected and the ball’s durability is incredible as a result of the thicker felt.
  • Is Triniti approved by the USTA and ITF?
    Yes, Triniti is approved by both the USTA and the ITF.