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Here at Wilson, we know that coaches and umpires cannot and should not ever be taken for granted. Stay protected and organized on the field and behind the plate with our high-quality coach and umpire baseball accessories.

Wilson lineup cards are an essential tool for coaches and teams, allowing them to keep track of their batting order, lineup changes and more in-game. Each lineup card is printed in triplicate for easy distribution to opposing coaches and the umpires. The Wilson Baseball Scorebook allows coaches to keep score easily and accurately, managing everything from runs and hits to pitch counts.

The three-piece Wilson Umpire Kit makes calling a game easier than ever, thanks to a three-loop ball bag, strike counter and home plate cleaning brush. It also conveniently features a pair of Wilson A1010HSI baseballs, so you’re ready for action.

Looking for umpire protective equipment? Look no further. Wilson is the longstanding official Umpire Protective partner of Major League Baseball, designing masks and guards for the best umpires in the world.

Wilson Sporting Goods Company has been manufacturing superior, performance-tested athletic equipment for over a century. Each of our baseball accessories, from our Umpire Kit to our glove care products, are made with our signature unyielding commitment to quality. Wilson takes pride in our longstanding history of innovation and enhancing the experiences of athletes and teams across the world. Our line of coach and umpire accessories and equipment are designed to not only meet, but exceed the needs of players, teams, coaches and umpires. All Wilson baseball accessories come with free returns if you are not completely satisfied and all orders over $50 receive free complimentary shipping.