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Baseball Player Accessories

The best players in the world choose to play with a Wilson A2K or A2000. Keep your glove looking as good as the day you got it with our full lineup of baseball and softball player accessories.

From breaking in a new glove to repairing your tried-and-true gamer, regular glove maintenance is key. Wilson glove oil, conditioner and mink oil paste help keeps our Pro Stock Select™ and Pro Stock™ leather soft and supple. Our comprehensive A2000 Glove Care Kit includes a bottle of Wilson premium glove oil and a brush, as well as spare lace and tools, so you’re handled for anything that might come up with your glove. If you’re looking for expert help with your Wilson glove, we have a range of authorized Glove Care Centers across the United States capable of not only repairing your glove, but even customize it with new lace and web options.

Wilson Sporting Goods Company has been manufacturing superior, performance-tested athletic equipment for over a century. Each of our baseball accessories, from our Umpire Kit to our glove care products, are made with our signature unyielding commitment to quality. Wilson takes pride in our longstanding history of innovation and enhancing the experiences of athletes and teams across the world. Our line of coach and umpire accessories and equipment are designed to not only meet, but exceed the needs of players, teams, coaches and umpires. All Wilson baseball accessories come with free returns if you are not completely satisfied and all orders over $50 receive free complimentary shipping.

Looking how to best put those new baseball and softball accessories to use? Check out the Wilson Ball Glove YouTube channel to learn how to care for your Wilson glove.