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Practice Baseballs

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Practice Baseballs

Practice baseballs have to be extra durable, without sacrificing quality or adding cost. Wilson practice baseballs hold their shape after taking a beating in batting practice day after day. Youth league practice baseballs benefit from a softer center, helping young players avoid injury and build confidence. Wilson manufactures five different practice baseballs to meet the needs of baseball players of every level.

Our top-of-the-line practice baseball, the Wilson A1020 is designed with Wilson’s trademark Duracore technology and a red cushioned cork center. Its winding construction is gray wool and it’s covered with full-grain Grade C leather. The finishing touch? Wilson’s signature Super Seam Technology (SST) – that features seams 20 percent higher than other raised-seam baseballs.

The Wilson A1030 is arguably our most popular raised-seam baseball. This baseball has a red cushioned cork center, gray wool windings, is covered with full-grain grade C/D leather, and sports our trademark Super Seam Technology (SST), with seams raised 20 percent higher than any other raised-seam baseball. Whether buying in a single dozen or a Wilson bucket of baseballs that includes three dozen balls, the A1030 keeps it shape and stays playable after years of use.

Wilson makes three soft baseballs for practice play: the A1035, the A1060 and the A1217. Each of these practice baseballs offers varying degrees of softness. The A1035 and the A1060 use Wilson’s SST raised seam technology, have wool windings and are covered with grade C/D full-grain leather. The A1035 is manufactured with a black cork and rubber center and the A1060 has a cork and rubber center. The A1217 baseball is a soft-compression ball, perfect for recreational youth play. Its center construction is Level 1 sponge rubber and it has an ultra-grip cover construction. This ball is 93 percent softer than traditional baseballs.

All of Wilson’s baseballs come with free returns if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase and you can receive free shipping on all orders over $50.00.