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Youth League Baseballs

Wilson is proud to offer eleven youth league baseballs that are branded and constructed for different league’s needs. From Little League baseballs to Babe Ruth baseballs, all of these conform to Wilson’s superior quality standards and sport the branding of their respective leagues.

Our entire lineup of youth league balls are made with raised seams, wool windings and full-grain grade C/D leather. Some of these are Wilson SST baseballs, with our innovative Super Seam Technology that offers a seam raised 20 percent higher than other raised-seam balls on the market. The A1030 USSSA baseballs are based on one of our best-selling baseball lines. Here are some of these youth league options:

Youth League Tournament Wilson SST baseballs:

Youth League Wilson Raised-Seam (non-SST) baseballs:

Choose from Wilson’s red cushioned cork center construction, a cork/rubber pill or a black cork and rubber center. Young players will take pride in their league hitting and throwing these baseballs that are emblazoned with their league logo.

Wilson Sporting Goods Company has been manufacturing superior, performance-tested athletic equipment for over a century. Each of our baseballs are made with our signature unyielding commitment to quality. Wilson takes pride in our longstanding history of innovation and enhancing the experiences of athletes and teams across the world. Our line of baseballs are designed to not only meet, but exceed the needs of players, teams, coaches and umpires. All Wilson baseball accessories come with free returns if you are not completely satisfied and all orders over $50 receive free complimentary shipping.