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Baseball Accessories

At Wilson, we put as much thought into our baseball accessories as we do our industry standard Pro Stock gloves. These items help players of all ages care for and protect their gloves, keep score and more.

If you’re new to #TeamWilson and you’re wondering how to best take care of your A2K or A2000, we’ve got you covered with the A2000 Glove Care Kit. It includes Saddle Tan and Black rawhide replacement laces, an augur, lace snips, glove oil, a threading tool and a brush – all contained in a timeless leather carrying case. If you’re more focused on breaking in your new Wilson glove, we’ve got the best baseball glove mallet in the game in the Pro Stock Aso-san Glove Mallet. Wilson Baseball Master Craftsman Shigeaki Aso uses this very mallet when breaking in the A2K and A2000s of our Advisory Staff at Spring Training every year. The mallet’s unique shape and construction are expertly engineered to help you shape your glove – no matter how you like it.

We don’t just have players in mind, either. Umpires can show up to the diamond with confidence thanks to the Wilson Umpire Kit that includes a sturdy ball bag, plate brush and strike counter.

Wilson Sporting Goods Company has been manufacturing superior, performance-tested athletic equipment for over a century. Each of our baseball accessories, from our Umpire Kit to our glove care products, are made with our signature unyielding commitment to quality. Wilson takes pride in our longstanding history of innovation and enhancing the experiences of athletes and teams across the world. Our line of baseball accessories and equipment are designed to not only meet, but exceed the needs of players, teams, coaches and umpires. All Wilson baseball accessories come with free returns if you are not completely satisfied and all orders over $50 receive free complimentary shipping.