Outfield Baseball Gloves

Outfield Gloves

Roam the outfield and take away base hits with Wilson outfield baseball gloves. Utilizing decades of feedback from big league players, we use high quality materials in the world in every outfield glove we make – so you know you’re getting nothing but the best.

Wilson outfield gloves are the most trusted on the field, including the coveted A2K line. The A2K outfield gloves are an innovative and premium line using revolutionary technology and the finest materials. Using Pro Stock Select leather is the first step in designing this high-end outfield gloves. To improve break-in time, Wilson uses Rolled Dual Welting to give these outfield baseball gloves a long-lasting shape. Our revolutionary Double Palm Construction allows for maximum pocket stability and every A2K is shaped three times more than other Pro Stock gloves.

The A2000 outfield glove line features several options for players ready to steal the show. From travel ball to pro players, the A2000 series is a perfect combination of durability and style. Players love Wilson outfield gloves because of the durable, consistent Pro Stock™ Leather – and several models feature SuperSkin™ - giving you a lightweight, durable glove that will stand up over the grind of a long season.

Design your own eye-catching outfielder glove by visiting Wilson's Custom Glove Shop.