Pitcher's Gloves

Wilson pitching gloves feature a wide, deep pocket explicitly designed to help pitchers change grips and conceal the ball from hitters and baserunners alike. Pitcher’s gloves also have a longer length than most traditional infield models.

Baseball Gloves for Pitchers

Wilson’s popular A2000 pitcher’s gloves deliver what the best players in the world demand: durability, craftsmanship and consistency. Iconic big league pitchers, including Jon Lester and Clayton Kershaw, the A2000 lineup is unsurpassed in both quality and style. Some of the most popular pitcher’s gloves feature a Two-Piece Web design that offers complete concealment while on the mound and Dual Welting helps the glove hold its shape.

A2K pitcher’s gloves are considered the pinnacle of craftsmanship and feature a pocket that will hold its shape year after year thanks to Double Palm Construction. At 11.75”, the A2K D33 features Pro Stock Select Leather with a Pro-Laced Web. Dual Welting and the Double Palm Construction allow pitchers to form a pocket exactly how they prefer it. The A2K B2 is a quarter inch longer and features the same Pro Stock Select Leather, Double Palm Construction and three times more shaping.

Wilson’s pitcher baseball gloves include options for right-handed and left-handed players, and there are also models that feature SuperSkin, as well – meeting the needs of all. Each glove, designed with player’s needs in mind, delivers unparalleled quality that makes Wilson the industry leader.

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Learn how to break in your new pitcher's glove from Wilson's Ball Glove Master Craftsman Shigeaki Aso.