Superskin Baseball Gloves


Looking for that legendary A2000 and A2K durability – but want something that’s more lightweight? A SuperSkin glove is the answer. It’s the culmination of decades of refinement and player feedback that you can feel the moment you put it on your hand.

Twice as strong, but half the weight as traditional Pro Stock™ Leather and moisture-resistant, it’s no wonder this proprietary microfiber material has become a staple for players at the highest level. SuperSkin models break in faster than all-leather gloves, making it perfect for players looking for an edge or younger players getting their first A2000 or A2K. Available in models for players of all positions, our SuperSkin lineup is a true game-changer.

With its H-Web design, Flat Finger Binding and shallow pocket, the A2000 1786 is our most popular infield glove. This A2000 1786SS is designed for quick transfers and work around the bag, allowing infielders to make highlight reel plays. Once you put this glove on, you’ll feel the difference incomparable materials and unrivaled craftsmanship make. Pitchers ready to shut down opposing lineups can turn to the 2020 A2000 B2SS Pitcher Baseball Glove. The Pro Stock Leather and SuperSkin pair perfectly and the Two-Piece Web allows for total ball cover and grip concealment. Over at first base, you can keep runners honest with the 2020 A2000 1620SS First Base Baseball Mitt. Designed to help you rein in any throw, the use of SuperSkin drastically cuts down the weight of the mitt, making scoops and picks easier than ever before.

The Wilson SuperSkin Gloves are a top choice of players who know no matter what position you play, you can enjoy the countless benefits of SuperSkin with its lightweight, moisture-resistant durability. Take your game to the next level with gloves for designed for your position.

Customize your Wilson A2000 or A2K SuperSkin. Choose your color, represent your team and enjoy the perfect combination of strength and lightness that this glove has to offer.