Youth Baseball Gloves

Baseball Gloves for Kids

Wilson has taken the same knowledge and expertise developed over decades of designing Pro Stock gloves when creating their lines of youth baseball gloves.

Take the guesswork out of selecting your kids’ baseball gloves with Wilson. Go with gloves that are designed specifically to give youth players the benefit of a full leather design with all the flexibility they need without the bulk. With Wilson youth baseball gloves, your young player will establish best practices from their first experience on the ball field.

The Wilson A450 takes the elements you see on big league fields and optimizes them for youth players. Wilson’s A450 10.75” is perfect for children ready to hone their skills. Designed with a full pigskin leather shell and H-Web, this glove is easy to close. The 11.5” H-Web model features adds some length, while maintaining a lightweight design.

The Wilson A500 series is comprised of lightweight full-grain leather and leather laces for durability. This glove line also features Dual Welting for long-lasting shape for young players getting used to the feel of a professional-grade glove. This series is ideal for infield, outfield, and pitching as the young player becomes more familiar with the game.

Learn how to break in your new glove from Wilson's Ball Glove Master Craftsman Shigeaki Aso.