Baseball Gloves & Mitts

Baseball Gloves and Mitts

Wilson has been a leader in baseball since the early 20th century, when we unveiled our innovative line of baseball mitts. These baseball gloves quickly became the industry standard. When baseball legend Ted Williams joined Wilson’s Advisory Staff after World War II, the company’s reputation as a maker of high-quality sports equipment soared. When the groundbreaking Wilson A2000 was introduced in 1957, we created the benchmark for future baseball glove design.

Our comprehensive collection of baseball gloves and mitts include multiple options for every position – ranging from our Pro Stock™ A2K and A2000 models to a full lineup of youth gloves. We also offer limited edition designs, including our Instagram exclusive collection, Aso’s Lab models and player-inspired looks from your favorite MLB® players. Find the right baseball glove for you:

The materials used in Wilson Pro Stock baseball gloves are unparalleled. Our Pro Stock™ and Pro Stock Select™ leather are beloved by the game’s best players. In response to player demand, Wilson Baseball Glove Master Craftsman Shigeaki Aso developed SuperSkin™, a moisture-resistant material twice as strong as leather – at just half the weight.

Have a specific colorway or design in mind? Create the baseball glove of your dreams using our custom glove builder, which offers billions of possible color combinations on A2K and A2000 models.

Wilson baseball gloves are hand-built by our expert craftsmen to unyielding quality standards. We deliver products that function as an extension of the athlete, helping them take their game to the next level. Visit to browse our full lineup – we offer free returns on all non-custom gloves and free shipping on orders over $50.