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Aso's Lab Gloves

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Aso’s Lab Gloves

his life to one goal: creating the perfect baseball glove. As the game has evolved and changed, Aso’s inspiration has never changed – designing Wilson gloves that meet players’ needs on the field.

In 2016, Aso unveiled a series of Aso’s Lab limited edition gloves, inspired by feedback and conversations with players. The first two models to launch were Scarlet and Royal A2000 infield patterns – and both were met with rave reviews from players and collectors alike.

More recently, we relaunched Aso’s Lab, unveiling two brand-new limited edition A2000 designs, the SA1275 and the M1D. The A2000 SA1275 showcased a narrower design that traditional outfield models, giving players more control in the outfield than ever before. Meanwhile, he designed the A2000 M1D with a much deeper pocket and a thinner toe pad, culminating in one of the most player-friendly mitt designs in years.

Thanks to his countless hours of hard work, Aso is known throughout the game as the ‘Glove Guru’. He began his career as a quality control inspector and after visiting his first Spring Training camps in the mid-1980s, began designing Wilson baseball gloves based on player feedback. His attention to detail and incomparable commitment to quality show in every Wilson baseball glove, including his limited edition Aso’s Lab gloves.

Wilson baseball gloves are hand-built by our expert craftsmen to unyielding quality standards. We deliver products that function as an extension of the athlete, helping them take their game to the next level. Visit to browse our full lineup or to design your own A2K or A2000 – we offer free returns on all non-custom gloves and free shipping on orders over $50.