2018 A2000 PF88 11.25" Infield Baseball Glove - Right Hand Throw

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  • The new 11.25" PF88 glove is modeled after the popular Wilson 1788 infield pattern, but now made with a flashy Black, Blonde and Red look with Pedroia Fit™ for players with smaller hands.

    The most famous baseball glove in game is advancing even further in the new Pedroia Fit™ line, which features gloves all built with the innovative A2000® Pedroia Fit™ system created for players with smaller hands. Created for Dustin Pedroia, these gloves feature a smaller hand opening, narrower finger stalls and more. It's the same quality and craftsmanship behind the DP15, now all over the field.
    • 11.25"
    • H-Web
    • Pedroia Fit™, made to function perfectly for players with smaller hands
    • Narrow Finger Stalls
    • Rolled Dual Welting™ for long-lasting shape and a quicker break-in
    • Pro Stock Leather, preferred for its rugged durability and unmatched feel
    • Black, Blonde and Red
  • Product SKU(s) WTA20RB18PF88
    Glove Series A2000
    Glove Size 11.25"
    Throwing Hand Right
    Glove Type Pedroia Fit
    Position Infield

Built to Fit

Built to Fit

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2018 A2000 Pedroia Fit Tabs

Pedroia Fit

Pedroia Fit

Wilson’s innovative Pedroia Fit was initially created for the DP15, giving Dustin Pedroia and other players with smaller hands a glove that fits their game.

Pro Player Insights

Pro Player Insights

They’re not just worn by professionals. They’re designed by them. Each year, Wilson Ball Glove Master Craftsman Shigeaki Aso works with select members of our MLB Advisory Staff players to build a game model glove to their particular specs and style.

Narrow Finger Stalls

Narrow Finger Stalls

Made smaller and thinner to fit small hands. Thumb and pinky brought closer together to maximize hand strength.

Wilson A2000 Baseball Gloves - Pro Stock Leather

Pro Stock Leather

Wilson identifies the best leather available for ball gloves long before it reaches your hand. Everything from the expertly-chosen and finished leather to the craftsman handling it is part of how Wilson delivers one of the best-feeling gloves in the world.

Wilson A2000 Baseball Gloves - MLB Official

Official Glove of MLB

For years, Wilson has been the Official Glove of Major League Baseball and the preferred choice of Major League players across the league. 

Each year, Wilson honors the best defensive players in MLB with the Wilson Defensive Player of the Year award, and we rely on insight from Hall of Famers, All-Stars and MVPs on our Advisory Staff roster to craft the most outstanding line of ball gloves in baseball each year. 

2018 Pedroia Fit Block Grid

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