A2000 KP92 12.5" Baseball Glove - Right Hand Throw

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  • Try on the Wilson A2000 KP92 on and you'll feel it - the countless hours of ballplayers, engineers and craftsmen working together to put their passion in the palm of your hand. This glove pattern is favored for its length and reinforced bar across the top of the "trap" for additional pocket stability and snow cone catches. Designed with Grey Pro Stock Leather and Grey laces, the A2000 KP92 is an instant grand slam.
    • 12.5"
    • Outfield Model
    • Pro Laced T-web
    • Pattern Developed With Kirby Puckett
    • Pro Stock Leather for a long lasting glove and a great break-in
    • DriLex Wrist Lining to keep your hand cool and dry
  • Product SKU(s) WTA20RB17KP92
    Glove Series A2000
    Glove Size 12.5"
    Throwing Hand Right
    Position Outfield

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A2000 Glove

The A2000 is the most famous ball glove in the world, and it just keeps getting better. Wilson Glove Master Craftsman, Shigeaki Aso, constantly refines the Pro Stock patterns with the insights of hundreds of MLB players every season. Made with Pro Stock leather, the A2000 baseball glove is built to break in perfectly and last for multiple seasons. It’s the perfect ball glove for hard working players.

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Wilson's commitment to quality and craftsmanship starts at the diamond, continues in production, then carries onto the field. Shigeaki Aso, Wilson's Glove Master Craftsman and his team have countless conversations with Wilson's hundreds of Pro Advisory Staff players, partnered college programs, elite travel ball players and more. That information is used to develop and improve the Wilson glove line, which is then meticulously built by expertly trained craftsmen.


The most famous baseball glove, the Wilson A2000, just keeps getting better. The Wilson glove team is constantly refining the A2000 Pro Stock patterns with the insights of hundreds of MLB players every season, and applying those alongside the innovative technology that has made the glove so popular among ballplayers at all levels.

Made with Pro Stock leather -- identified specifically for ball gloves long before it reaches your hand and expertly-chosen -- the A2000 is built to break in perfectly and last for multiple seasons. But even long after break-in, technological components such as Dual Welting maintain a durable pocket and long-lasting form.

Some Wilson A2000s are made with SuperSkin, a proprietary material that increases durability and lightens the weight of the glove.

Wilson A2K Baseball Gloves

Pro Stock Leather

Wilson identifies the best leather available for ball gloves long before it reaches your hand. Everything from the expertly-chosen and finished leather to the craftsman handling it is part of how Wilson delivers one of the best-feeling gloves in the world.

Dual Welting

Every piece of your Wilson glove is there for a reason, and that includes the welting that runs along the finger stalls of the glove to the fingertips, enabling better playability from your glove at all positions. Placing two strips of leather along the back fingers helps the glove maintain its form game after game.