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Tee Ball Gloves

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Tee Ball Gloves

Give your young player the best start in the game with Wilson tee ball gloves. Across sports, Wilson has been on the cutting edge of development for more than a century. Your child will start their love affair with the game with the best products on the market.

There are plenty of brands out there to choose from. None offer the superior quality and craftsmanship of Wilson. Durable, high-grade leather and synthetic materials ensure the right fit for comfort and performance on the field. Easy-to-close designs help beginning players learn to catch and grasp the ball quickly with a brand they’ll use for life.

Wilson’s tee ball gloves help beginning players in building confidence as they develop their skills, allowing them to focus on good sportsmanship. These gloves feature all the attention to detail you see in Pro Stock gloves in a design crafted specifically for beginners.

When it comes to choosing the first glove for young ballplayers, the Wilson A200 is a sure thing. Easy to catch and close, this 10” tee ball glove will give the right start for your Little Leaguer in the game. Lightweight and flexibility provided by the soft EVA material and H-Web design make this tee ball glove perfect for beginners.

The Wilson A360 allows a youth player to step up the game with an assortment of sizes. The A360 boasts a full pigskin ball and a corset web. A hook and loop strap ensure a snug fit designed for the smaller hands of young players. This glove is available in both right and left-hand styles.

Your little player will love owning an Pro Stock quality glove while learning to play like their favorite player.