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NCAA Autograph Basketball


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  • An autograph is more than just a signature, it's also about what is being signed. The signatures of your favorite players, team or coach belong on the same ball they use in the game. Built for beyond the game this is the Autograph ball.

        • OFFICIAL SIZE: This 29.5" basketball is the perfect size to collect autographs from the whole team
        • BLANK CANVAS: Signature-ready smooth white surface, built to document your autographs
        • GRAPHIC: The same look as the NCAA level of play
        • HALF COVER: Part of the exterior is covered in the classic leather look
        • USE: Not intended for game play use, built for display 
      • Product SKU(s) WTB0715R
        Cover Construction Autograph Panels
        Ball Size Official - 29.5"
      march is whereever you are

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      March is more than one month of high-stakes hoops on the hardwood.

      It’s the inspiration and the ambition felt in every player that picks up a ball. It’s a fantasy that plays
      out in buzzer beaters and Cinderella stories in driveways, backyards, and blacktops..

      March is wherever you are, and it’s as crazy as you can dream it.