Wilson Advisory Staff Gift Picks

Shop our list of hand-picked gifts from our Wilson Advisory Staff pros.


Looking to gift like a pro this year? Check out our full list of Advisory Staff picks, from Russell Wilson to Gary Woodland. These Wilson pros are here to help you choose the perfect gift for the athlete in your life.

Cat Osterman—Pitcher

Cat's Player Page

Cat's gift picks:



If you're a fastpitch player, check out this buying guide for personalized fastpitch equipment. And whether you're a player or a fan, check out our behind-the-scenes talk with Olympian Val Arioto to get her timely take on women in sports.

Aubree Munro—Catcher

Aubree's Player Page

Aubree's Gift Picks:




Whether you're a player or a fan, Wilson has great sports gifts for everyone. Take a look at these unique gifts for athletes and then read about one man's lifelong appreciation of his A2000 baseball glove.

Amanda Chidester—Catcher

Amanda’s Player Page

Amanda’s Gift Picks




If you’re in the market for a new glove, check out Wilson’s world-class glove store. With literally millions of options, you can find one that perfectly suits your needs. Find out more about the dynamic USA Olympic softball team and see what the noise is about.

Ali Aguilar—Infield

Ali’s Player Page

Ali’s Gift Picks





Wondering where Ali got that great shirt? Visit the Wilson USA Softball Apparel page and see for yourself. Also, check out Wilson’s fitting videos for custom protective gear that will keep you safe on the diamond.

Sierra Romero—Infield


Sierra’s Gift Picks




Wilson doesn’t have a reputation for world-class gloves for nothing. Learn how to break in your new glove with the right tools and techniques. And while you’re visiting, go behind the scenes to Wilson Labs to see how we developed our patented SuperSkin technology.

Kristina Mladenovic—Tennis

Kristina’s Player Page

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Did you know that Wilson can string your racket for you? Check out our strings and choose exactly what you want. But before you do, take our string master test to make sure you have all the knowledge you need to decide what’s right for you.

Madison Keys—Tennis

Madison’s Player Page

Madison’s Gift Picks





If your child is interested in learning to play tennis, check out our guide to choosing a kid’s racket. We also have several gift guides for tennis players to help you choose the right gift for yourself or the tennis player in your life.

Stefanos Tsitsipas—Tennis

Stefanos’ Player Page

Stefanos’ Gift Picks





Want to choose a great tennis gift for the man in your life? Here’s a handy gift guide to assist you with your shopping. Also, get the inside story about how Wilson does its annual photoshoot of your favorite players.

Karen Khachanov—Tennis

Karen’s Player Page

Karen’s Gift Picks






Wilson has put together several gift guides to help you choose the right gift for the tennis player in your life, whether they are adults, children, or students. While you are shopping, check out the story of our innovative Triniti tennis balls, the performance tennis ball made with sustainability in mind.

Sarah Sponcil—Volleyball

Sarah’s Player Page

Sarah’s Gift Picks




If you’re looking for a great gift for the volleyball coach in your life, check out our gift guide to help you choose one. While you’re visiting, enjoy reading the true story of Wilson, the Castaway volleyball, 20 years after the iconic film hit the theaters.

Tri Bourne—Volleyball

Tri’s Player Page

Tri’s Gift Picks





Visit Wilson’s volleyball blog page for news, products, and gift guides. While you’re there, check out Tri Bourne’s blog post about his Sandcast podcast, his challenges, and the life lessons he has learned throughout his journey.

Casey Patterson—Volleyball

Casey’s Player Page

Casey’s Gift Picks




Did you know that Wilson designed, engineered, and produced a volleyball specifically to help beach volleyball players? Read about it in our Wilson LABS post and see how we studied the human eye to make an advanced volleyball for beach players. While you’re there, check out our gift guide for the volleyball coach in your life.

Russell Wilson—Football

Russell’s Player Page

Russell’s Gift Picks





Wilson’s gift guide for football lovers can help you choose an excellent gift for the football fan in your life. While you’re visiting our blog, check out how our connected football helps both aspiring and professional quarterbacks improve their throwing skills.

Gary Woodland—Golf

Gary’s Player Page

Gary’s Gift Picks





Whether you’re looking for a gift for your mom or dad, or a golf gift for someone who seemingly has everything, our golf gift guides can help. And check out our conversation with Gary to see what he’s been up to in his downtime.

Kevin Streelman—Golf

Kevin’s Player Page

Kevin’s Gift Picks





Looking for a unique golf gift for the player in your life? Take a look at our golf gift guide for help with your decision. If you’re a golfer yourself, check out the how-tos from our advisory staff for great tips to improve your game.

Ricky Barnes—Golf

Ricky’s Player Page

Ricky’s Gift Picks





Wilson’s world-class golf products please the most discerning players. Check out our 2020 gift guide for dads, moms, and everyone in between. While you’re visiting, enjoy our WilsonLABS post to get the behind-the-scenes information on our new Staff Model golf balls.

Brendan Steele—Golf

Brendan’s Player Page

Brendan’s Gift Picks





Wilson’s gift guides can help you do your best for the golfer in your life. And while you’re shopping, check out Brendan’s tips to overcome a fried egg lie. This video is just one of several helpful golf tips to improve your game and your enjoyment of the sport.

Kevin Tway—Golf

Kevin’s Player Page

Kevin’s Gift Picks





Do you know how important it is to choose the right golf ball for your game? Check out our blog post on how to make sure you’re using the correct ball for your player type. And if a golfer is on your gift list this year, we have plenty of gift guides to help you choose the present for them.


Visit all of the Wilson Gift guides for information about our world-class lineup of sporting equipment, apparel, and everything else you might want. And if your giftee is challenging to buy for, a Wilson digital gift card is always a safe choice and takes the guesswork out of your shopping. Wilson's fully customizable gift cards let them choose exactly what they want from Wilson’s extensive sports equipment inventory.