Wilson Engineers Join the Fight Against COVID-19

While the fight against COVID-19 continues, our Wilson LABS team takes action to support medical professionals. 


Wilson Lends a Helping Hand 

In late March, several of our Wilson LABS engineers decided they couldn’t sit on the sidelines as the COVID-19 pandemic escalated. They were determined to help the true frontline fighters: our medical professionals.

Wilson LABS team members Hudson Vantrease, Drew Tryner, Jon Pergande, Wayne Klinger, Eric Karol, Andres Barban, Bob Thurman, and Dawn Cacioppo put their heads and talents together to create several aerosol boxes for doctors and nurses to use when intubating people with severe cases of COVID-19. Thus far, this crew has delivered dozens of aerosol boxes to hospitals in Chicago, across Illinois and some in Indiana.

Intubation is a common medical procedure for people with COVID-19 who are experiencing respiratory issues. Intubation (placing a tube into the trachea) helps doctors control lung ventilation. As the medical professionals doing this procedure are very close to the airway during this aerosolizing procedure (meaning the virus can become airborne and easily inhaled), maximum protection is necessary. These aerosol boxes act as an extra protective barrier and can help save healthcare workers' lives.

“We knew that as this outbreak grew in severity, we could bring our expertise in making gear and protectives to the forefront,” said Bob Thurman, Head of Wilson LABS. 


“Designers and engineers are programmed to solve problems, so we looked for ways that we could act quickly and help a real need, which was protecting doctors during intubation. Our research led us to the aerosol box which was being used in Taiwan. We quickly, in a matter of days, made prototypes, tested them with doctors in Chicago, and got final boxes into their hands.”

“Our medical professionals are our frontline of defense in helping people and our communities fight this virus,” Thurman added. “If we can play a part in solving real needs that help them do that, then we are doing our part and using our talents to make lives better.” 


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