Wilson Unveils 2021 Western Collection Baseball Gloves

Learn about the Wilson Western Collection of gloves on display at the College World Series in Omaha.


To once again celebrate the 2021 college baseball national championship and the return to play in Omaha, Wilson launched its latest collection of limited edition Wilson Western baseball gloves. This year’s collection includes 10 limited edition A2000® gloves, and it showcases the latest innovations like Spin Control Technology and SuperSnakeSkin with special prints.

Wilson Senior Glove Designer Ryan Smith came up with this group of Wilson Western A2000s for Omaha, and his collection started with the Daisy May. This A2000 1786 features Tropical Blue Pro Stock® Leather with Spin Control Technology, Gold and Saddle Tan Welting, and white laces.

“This was the first glove I created for the Wilson Western series,” Smith said. I wanted something fun and flashy, and then I could piece everything in around it.” 



To add some extra color to the Daisy May, Smith added gradient Bold Logos to the thumb, wrist and H-Web. The logos feature a variety of blues and pinks.

“The final touch was the gradient logos,” Smith said. “They just popped off this glove, and I was hooked on it right away.”

Several gloves from this year’s Wilson Western collection feature Spin Control Technology, a patented surface texture designed to increase friction against the ball and help players make every play in the field. The Horizon, an 11.75” A2000 1975, features Spin Control technology on the Grey Pro Stock leather palm, wrist, thumb and H-Web.

“This one was the first use of Watermelon accents,” Smith said of Horizon. “The binding and welting are watermelon. The spin control leather on the wrist and thumb are just to add texturing to the outside.”

Horizon also has a black leather shell, and Smith put the finishing touch on this glove with another set of gradient logos. The gradient Bold Logos on Horizon fade from blue to pink.



The Stetson, an A2000 1787, is designed for those who prefer a classic, rugged look. This 11.75” model uses Wilson’s iconic Saddle Tan Pro Stock leather, but first, the leather is buffed to create a unique finish. Bold logos are embossed on the thumb, wrist, web and index finger of the Stetson, and the limited edition Omaha stamp appears on the outside of the pinky.



The Trapper, an A2000 M1D catcher’s mitt, featured some of Wilson’s most innovative ball glove technologies and a fresh look for backstops. The SuperSnakeSkin back reduces glove weight while improving durability, and it boasts a green camouflage print so catchers can catch potential base runners by surprise. This 33.5” pattern also includes Spin Control Technology in the palm and Half Moon Web, helping catchers to frame every pitch.



Other Western collection A2000 ball gloves – Aurora, Claim Jumper, Morning Star, Ringo, Sidewinder and Wild Horse – also appeared in Omaha to round out the group.



Gloves at the Omaha Experience

Fans who made the trip to Nebraska for college baseball’s national championship were met with several unique gloves at the Omaha experience. Wilson introduced three new game model gloves in Omaha – Tim Anderson’s A2000 TA7 GM, Ke’Bryan Hayes’ A2000 KBH13 GM and an updated Mookie Betts A2K MB50 GM.



Wilson also made several limited edition gloves available for purchase at the Omaha experience. Available limited edition ball gloves included a classic A2K Datdude design, the Blue Bell A2K KP92, the Blaze A2K1795 and other gloves from previous Wilson Western collections.