Building Matt Chapman’s Custom 2021 A2K Baseball Glove

Learn about the custom A2K MC26 GM Wilson made with Oakland third baseman Matt Chapman.


Electrifying third baseman Matt Chapman knows how to bring the energy to the left side of the infield, and he designed a custom baseball glove to match his award-winning performance. The 2021 A2K® MC26 GM, Chapman’s Game Model glove, is based on the A2K 1787 pattern with an 11 ¾” reach to help him rob hits and bring home the hardware for his work at the hot corner.

“I kind of went right in that middle range where I still feel like I have control of the glove,” Chapman said. “I feel like I can move and turn double plays like a shortstop but still have enough glove to go get that backhand or whatever I have to do at third.”



Chapman’s all-Black pattern for 2021 includes several subtle nods to the third baseman’s performance, personality and on-field playing style. His glove features Yellow and Kelly Green logos, a nod to his team colors in Oakland, and the A2K palm stamp is a silhouette of Chapman in his crouched stance, the pose he takes when anticipating a ball hit his way at third base. The All-Star described his 2021 A2K as the coolest and most meaningful glove he has had to date.

“I like it because from far away it might not look like there’s that much going on with the glove, but then once you get closer and you start to really look at it, there’s so much going on,” Chapman said. “Kind of like me, you know? A little incognito, but once you get a closer look, you figure out there’s a lot going on.”

Chapman’s glove also boasts Black SnakeSkin on the Thumb, Wrist and H-Web, and the unique  Wilson logo on the thumb recognizes the awards that Chapman has earned for his defensive prowess. Chapman personalized his glove with his last name and uniform number – 26 – inscribed on the thumb in Kelly Green.

“To have my own glove is something I probably never dreamed that I could ever have when I was a little kid,” Chapman said. “I guess if you have your own logo in your glove, you’re doing something right.”

Since making his big league debut in 2017, Chapman has used A2K ball gloves in the field. This top-of-the-line model features Pro Stock Select leather, the most premium ball glove material. Wilson baseball glove craftsmen sort through leather hides three times for flawlessness, and only the top 5% of leather qualifies for use in A2K gloves. This premium leather, along with Double Palm construction, allows for extreme consistency when it comes to break-in and performance.

Keep up with Chapman by following him on Instagram @matthewchapman26. After picking up Matt’s glove, break it in with Aso.