The Black Wall Street x Wilson Collab

Read this conversation about the past, present and future of Black Wall Street.


The rise, destruction, and resurgence of the Greenwood District is one of the most significant chapters in American history. The 100th anniversary of the 1921 Tulsa Massacre presents a unique opportunity to honor the Tulsa community.

Wilson is honored to partner with the Tulsa community to celebrate this historic moment. Through the eyes of Eddye K. Allen, Tyler James, and Ebony Iman Dallas, the Black Wall Street x Wilson collab explores the past, present, and future of the Greenwood District, a.k.a. Black Wall Street.



Eddye K. Allen – The Past

Eddye K. Allen is an artist that makes paintings, drawings, and mixed media artworks out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Eddye’s work is influenced by the individuals, families, communities and culture that built and rebuilt the rich culture of the Greenwood District. In 2020, she created a series “Black Wall Street Forever” to bring awareness to what the Black Wall Street once was and tap into the feelings that date back to when Tulsa flourished. Through this collaboration with Wilson, Eddye continues this theme with The Black Wall Street – The Past basketball through the perspective of a Tulsa native. Celebrities that have her work include actor and political activist Danny Glover and R&B singer Ginuwine. To see more from Eddye, check out her website and her Instagram at @eddyekaaane.


Tyler James – The Present

Tyler James is an artist based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He used to be the kid who always had a basketball in his hand, so the Black Wall Street x Wilson Collab hits close to home for him. For Tyler, Black Wall Street represents positive change, because there is an energy to it that connects and gives hope to the Black community. Tyler channeled that energy and his abstract expressionist style into the design for the Black Wall Street – The Present basketball. Check out more of Tyler’s work on his Instagram at @tyl3r_jvmes.



Ebony Iman Dallas – The Future

Ebony Iman Dallas is a fifth-generation Oklahoman and a second-generation Somali-American. She is an artist, designer, writer and educator, and her work reflects the compelling stories that move her. Color and form coalesce in each of her pieces to create distinct visual narratives. Ebony believes art can heal deep wounds and has the power to change the world. Her contribution to the Black Wall Street x Wilson Collab is The Future basketball, and after its history was suppressed for so long, Ebony is excited to continue to share the story of the Black Wall Street. Connect with Ebony on her website and her Instagram at @ebonyimandallas.


Alexander Tamahn – The Ambassador

Alexander Tamahn and his voice were instrumental to the development of the Black Wall Street x Wilson collab. His artistic vision and connection to the Greenwood District led the team to key insights that helped bring this story to life. Learn more about Alex here and see what he’s been up to lately on IG @alexandertamahn.





Venetia “Coop” Cooper – The Entrepreneur

Venetia “Coop” Cooper is the founder and owner of Silhouette Sneakers & Art. Silhouette Sneakers & Art is a highly curated retail experience that brings limited and authentic sneakers and streetwear to Tulsa. The boutique features an art gallery showcasing a rotating selection of street-inspired art. Silhouette is the official retail partner of the Black Wall Street x Wilson collab. Learn more about Silhouette Sneakers & Art here and stay up on the latest drops on IG @silhouettetulsa.



The collab will drop Monday, July 5th on and on Monday, July 12th locally in Tulsa at Silhouette Sneakers & Art. Proceeds will benefit the local Tulsa YMCA.



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