At-Home Basketball Drills from Hoop Group: Part II

Here are three more at-home drills that you can do while you're waiting to get back on the court.


Hoop Group Drill Videos

Hoop group Drill Intro: These basketball drills at home from Hoop Group will help you be ready when the court is ready for you.

Wilson is proud to be the official basketball of Hoop Group. Hoop Group is a comprehensive basketball company dedicated to fulfilling dreams of players, coaches, and parents by providing the best instruction, competition, and exposure. Hoop Group has grown to encompass almost every facet of grassroots basketball through camps, clinics, leagues, tournaments, and facilities, reaching over 1 million players since its founding.

Hoop Group hasn’t let up in their support of student-athletes during the pandemic shutdown. The company had instituted virtual training for all ages and skill levels that you can practice at home. Their live, on-court, and Zoom instruction/feedback has helped keep players ready and progressing for when team sports are safe to play again. Learn more at

Sports are a fundamental part of the lives of fans and players, and everyone is anxious to have it back in their lives again, whether it’s to play or to watch. While you’re waiting for that to happen, here are some helpful videos to keep you ready for your return to the basketball court.

In part two of this series, Hoop Group’s Chaese Vaudrin shows us three rip-through drills to practice that use just a hoop, a ball, and a chair.

The Bee’s Knees to a Layup

Your knees are the target in this first drill. Use the chair to position the ball, grab it, and sweep below your knees left or right. Lead with your shoulder to slide past your opponent, and dribble to your layup position. Practice this move alternating left and right using the height of the chair to gauge your knee height for your sweep.


Sweeping to a Jump Stop

Using the same technique, place the ball on the chair, grab it, sweep low, and dribble to a two-foot jump stop, and shoot. Just like the layup drill, practice this move alternating left and right using the height of the chair to gauge your knee height for your sweep.


Rip Through to a Pull Up

The third variation of this drill uses the same movements: begin with the basketball on the chair, grab the ball and sweep low left or right below your knees. Dip your shoulder and go one dribble to a pull up and make your shot.

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