Our Fastpitch Advisory Staff players break down this year's gifting choices from Wilson.


We talked to our Fastpitch Advisory Staff players and got their recommendations and reasons for gifting sports equipment. Here are their picks for this year's special occasions:

Cat Osterman—Pitcher

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Self – Women’s Launch Pad Driver- Because who doesn’t want to fix their slice and drive the ball far when golfing with your husband! :)




Self – Women’s Salmon Reflex Complete Golf Set - My set is from 2007—I think it’s time for an upgrade! 




Joey (Husband) - Wilson Staff Fit All USA Glove- Because he needs to rock some Red, White, and Blue too!




Joey (Husband) - Custom Evolution Game Basketball- The former collegiate basketball player always needs to feel special! 




Bracken (Daughter) - 2019 A1000 12” Pitchers Glove - Who doesn’t want your young pitcher to have the best style glove when she’s in the circle.




Bracken (Daughter) - Softplay Volleyball - To work on her volleyball skills in the backyard with Dad and me.




Bracken (Daughter) - Kids Medium Profiles JGI Complete Cart Golf Club Set - She outgrew her clubs, and this girl loves to play anything!


Aubree Munro—Catcher

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Clash 100 Tennis Racket for Gordon (my husband), he still plays on occasion, and I want him to have the best! 




Triniti Tennis Balls for our new pup! What’s better than fetch with a Wilson tennis ball??




A 2020 Omaha Junior Big Barrel USSSA Baseball Bat for my brother. My brother deserves a great bat.




Women's Evoshield Joggers for my sisters— SO comfy and long enough for us tall girls. 





Personalized Duo Soft+ Golf Balls for my Dad. Make sure my Dad has something funny to remind him of me while he’s golfing.





Juice Pickleball Paddles for my Mom. She has been saying for YEARS that she and my Dad should take up pickleball and build a court in the backyard. These would get them started!


Amanda Chidester—Catcher

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DUO Soft+ Golf Balls: These are always a great gift for people that play golf. 




US Open Tennis Balls: I personally love to play tennis, and it was so fun getting new balls and a racket. It totally changes how the game is played with great quality equipment.




Adult SRZ Batting Gloves: Batting gloves are great stocking stuffers. 




Bucket of Softballs: You wouldn't think this would be a great gift but trust me, it is. My Dad loves when I order him new cases of balls, and I have even given some to my lessons. I haven't had one person complain about getting a new case/bucket of balls. 



Ali Aguilar—Infield

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Tyler (brother) - NCAA All American Basketball





Sami (sister) - All Sport Ball Bag so she could play with the kids at the treatment facility where she works.




Mom - Women's Tennis Tote




Dad - 1914 Collection Money Clip 


Sierra Romero—Infield

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Mom- Women's Script Cotton PO Hoody II - My mom loves all things clothes; she would rock this hoodie when she's out at games all day lookin' cute!




Mikey (Brother) - A2000 Glove Care Kit - My brother's glove is his most prized possession. He would love to have this to help take care of his A2000 and maybe even change the laces out and customize it more.



Sophia (Sister) – 2021 Wilson A2000 T125 Superskin 12.5" Outfield Fastpitch Glove - This would be the perfect gift for Sophia because she needs a LEGIT outtie glove that goes with her legit outfield skills. This glove has the perfect webbing and length for all outfield positions. 



Sydney (Sister) – 2021 Wilson A2000 SR32 Game Model Glove - Because it's the best fastpitch glove out there and a 2x natty champ who is a gold glove on defense needs the best glove in the game. 


Alex (Girlfriend) - Pro Stock Glove Conditioner - Alex always has a hard time breaking in her glove just right, and this is my favorite glove conditioner.