Q&A with USA Softball’s Amanda Chidester

Get to know USA Softball catcher and infielder Amanda Chidester.


USA Softball catcher and infielder Amanda Chidester has nearly a decade of experience on the international stage, and she’s gearing up for the biggest competition of her lifetime. The former University of Michigan standout went one-on-one with Wilson to talk about her softball career and offer advice to young players.

Q: What's the biggest challenge you've faced?

A: I had been part of Team USA since 2012 and then I got cut completely from the program in the 2019 season. So I went and played with the Bandits in the NPF for the year and worked my butt off to get ready for the Team USA tryout in October. And I made the team. 

This is something I haven’t talked about, but when I got cut from that tryout I didn't wear USA letters until I was back in October. I wanted to work and earn [those letters] back.

Q: What is something all your teammates have in common? 

A: There’s got to be that drive inside of us to continue to get better and continue to play. It’s a passion for the game. 

Q: What's your go-to walk-up song?

A: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang theme song. The crowd loves it. 

Q: What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

A: Something that’s been close to my heart these past few years is something my grandma said all the time when we were growing up. She would always say to “put it in God’s hands.” I’ve always liked that. Especially with all the ups and downs these last few years. I just try to put it in God’s hands, trust it and go from there. 

Q: What advice do you have for aspiring Olympians? 

A: I think the biggest thing is intent. Doing things with a purpose. Everyone always says “hard work, hard work, hard work.” But you can work hard and it doesn’t do anything, right? Make sure there’s intent behind it and make it specific. Like, “I want to be a better hitter.” Have intent with everything you do, on and off the field. 

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