Top 7 NFL Gifts for Football Lovers

Buying for the football lover in your life? These NFL gifts for football lovers are perfect choices. Check out our top seven picks!


If NFL season is the best season in your house, you’re bound to have an avid football enthusiast on your gifting list. You know, the one who can’t wait for Sunday. Or Monday. Or Thursday. The one who throws a ball around in the yard with friends before or after the games. The one who knows the stats and standings and follows the draft like it’s their job. The one who sports a different jersey every weekend and doesn’t ever miss their favorite player.

If this is your giftee, we have great news. Wilson has a lineup of fantastic off-the-shelf and personalized NFL gifts for fans from the casual watcher to the enthusiast we mentioned above, so take a look:


1. The Duke NFL Football

One of the nicest gifts you can choose for your football lover is the official Duke NFL Football. Wilson has been manufacturing this classic game ball since 1941, and the football represents the longest ball and league brand partnership in history. These balls are handcrafted in Ada, Ohio, and, for the first time this season, feature the NFL shield in red, blue, and silver. Exclusive 100 percent Horween leather makes up the cover, and the ball is Wilson Live-Enabled to give your enthusiast access to exclusive NFL content, insider news, promotions, deals, and more, using the Wilson Live mobile app, free to download at the App Store and Google Play. Wilson can personalize this football with one, two, or three text lines with up to 12 characters each, making it a perfect personalized NFL gift.


2. The Duke Decal NFL Football

This football offers the same look, feel, and performance as the original Duke NFL Football, but with the added appeal of your football lover’s favorite team decal stamped below the NFL logo. This personalized ball is made in Ada, Ohio by Wilson’s skilled craftsmen and women, and is constructed from 100% exclusive Horween leather. Like the original, The Duke Decal NFL Football is the closest football to the ones used by pro players every season.

Your football fan will cherish this gift for years, and through the Wilson Live app, can enjoy unique NFL content, insider news, promotions, deals, and more. The app is available at the App Store and Google Play.


3. NFL Live Signature Autograph Football

If your football fan is lucky enough to attend their favorite team’s games, this football, designed exclusively for autographs, is a perfect gift for them. Wilson makes this non-gameplay ball in white with the team logos embroidered prominently. The ball offers a clean white surface for autograph visibility and looks similar to Wilson’s NFL Official footballs.

The NFL Live Signature Autograph Football is Wilson Live-Enabled, allowing you to upload photos and videos of your signature moment right to the ball. With just a tap, the free to download Wilson Live app unlocks exclusive NFL content, including insider news, deals, promotions, and more. Your football fan will enjoy collecting autographs on the ball for many seasons to come. The Wilson Live app is available at the App Store and on Google Play.


4. NFL Retro Mini Football

If your fan is a youngster, the Wilson NFL Retro Mini Football might be an ideal gift for them. These all-surface mini footballs feature retro designs and throwback colors of all 32 NFL teams, and the small size makes for easy traveling, throwing, and catching. These balls retain air for extended periods due to their butyl rubber bladder, and they are suited for play in all weather conditions. Stuff one of these in their stocking and watch them enjoy this fun memento.


5. NFL Stretch Fit Receivers Gloves

For the football fan who enjoys playing as much as watching, these NFL Stretch Fit Receivers Gloves will make them feel like a rock star on the field. These gloves have a split silicone palm and are crafted from stretch lycra fabric to enhance grip and fit most hands from small to extra-large. These gloves offer durability and breathability, and the hook and loop wrist straps provide a secure fit. Available in adult and youth versions, your fan’s team colors will look great while helping them make the big plays in their games.

6. Wilson NFL Carry Golf Bag

Let your giftee overlap their enthusiasm for the NFL by showing their team loyalty on the golf course. These Wilson NFL Carry Golf Bags not only display their team’s colors and embroidered logos, but they also provide a lightweight design that is perfect for walking the course.

The quick-activation stand is convenient and sturdy, and the four points double strap makes it easy to mount on or off your golfer’s shoulders. Lastly, the strong polyester fabric construction provides durability for travel and bad weather.


7. Duo Soft+ NFL Golf Balls

Speaking of golf, if the football fan in your life is happy with their golf bag, you could add to their game with a 12-pack of Duo Soft+ NFL Golf Balls. These superior-quality, low-compression golf balls amplify and extract every bit of a player’s swing power. They feature a VelocitiCOR™ center that makes them the world’s softest golf ball. Your football fan won’t have to figure out whose golf ball belongs to who with their favorite NFL team’s logo printed on theirs.


Just in Case

If your football fan is difficult to buy for, a Wilson digital gift card is always a safe choice and takes the guesswork out of your shopping. Wilson's fully customizable eGift cards let your giftee choose what they want from Wilson’s extensive sports equipment inventory.