Inspire Your Team with Custom Crafted Footballs

Here's how to get a set of customized Wilson footballs for your team.


Team sports pull the best out of individuals. Everyone working toward a common goal promotes healthy comradery and positive interactions. Everything from practice drills to uniforms serves as a keystone to the team’s identity and brand, and working within that collective makes athletes shine.

You can take your team’s identity to the next level by using customized footballs designed by you and crafted by Wilson. We’re not talking about personalized text, although that’s available if it’s what you want. We’re talking about choosing the leather type, picking your logo style, selecting the Wilson W foil color, and opting for colored pebbled laces, all in the ball size and technology that you want. We’re talking about footballs for your team that can’t be mistaken for anyone else’s.

How Do You Order a Set of Customized Footballs?

These custom footballs aren’t available online. You’ll need to get in touch with your Wilson rep to order them OR you can send an email to to get started. If you want to prepare ahead, here’s a guide to building your custom team football:

Choose Your Leather Type

Wilson Exclusive 863 Tan—best for younger players, this leather is softer than the dark and prep-rep materials and allows for better finger dig and grip.

Wilson Exclusive 899 Dark—this leather is stiffer and darker in color than the tan. This is the leather that the NFL uses in the Duke Game Ball. 

Pre-prep Leather—Prep-prep leather goes through a process that enhances the grip and feel by simply brushing the brand new ball before you receive it. 


Choose Your Technology

The GST Game Football tech pack works well for players 14+ through college. The sewn-on stripes provide 82 percent more grip to improve throw accuracy, and choosing ACL pebbled lacing on this football provides 174 percent more grip in all playing conditions. You also have the choice to select smooth NFL Latigo laces in white only, and a heat transfer stripe instead of one that’s sewn on.

The GST Prime Football tech pack features the same sewn-on stripes and ACL pebbled laces as the GST. The Prime adds extra stitching for the index and middle finger that gives quarterbacks enhanced grip points for added control while handling and throwing. It also includes a prep gauge that shows exactly when the ball is prepped and ready for gameplay. Double lace reinforcement gives extra grip to ring and pinky fingers for extra ball security outside the pocket.  


Choose Your Lace Colors

If you have decided to go with ACL pebbled laces, you can match your school’s colors. Custom laces come in black, white, red, blue, yellow, and green. The example above is the yellow pebbled lace with a gold foil stamped Wilson logo.

Choose Your Football Size

Collegiate/High School footballs have more narrow ends to fit smaller hands. Pro footballs are thicker in the middle for older players. Pro sizes footballs are the preferred size of the NFL.

*For remainder of 2021, we are not offering customization on youth footballs, official size footballs only*



Choose Your Wilson Logo Foil Color

GST Prime footballs sport customizable foil around the laces, Wilson “W” outlines, and NCAA logo. GST footballs feature a customizable Wilson wordmark logo, Wilson “W” outlines, and NCAA logo. Choose from 11 colors for these details. Shown is a GST ball with blue pebbled laces and a blue foil logo. *Cannot change foil color if choosing Pre-Prep leather. Only color available on Pre-Prep is black foil.


Choose Your Logo Style

Wilson now offers more than 40 colors for you to make your mark on your custom footballs. Choose to put your school logo on the ball in a metallic stamp, laser-engraved logo in black, or add laser-engraved text in black.

These custom footballs can boost morale and help with team pride and spirit. With so many options, you can create a set of unforgettable one-of-a-kind footballs that shows off your school’s style and delivers superior gameplay performance.

Fully customized footballs are available with a minimum order of 18 units and are crafted by hand at our manufacturing facility in Ada, Ohio.

For ordering and pricing, email Please submit vector artwork and shipping city/state with your initial request if possible.