Gaining the Upper Hand with Training Footballs

See how Wilson’s training footballs simulate classic coach’s tricks to build a player’s strength, form, and speed.


At Wilson, we never stop innovating sports equipment products that build up both players and coaches. Our engineering team travels worldwide to talk to trainers, clubs, and camps and learn from their challenges and successes. Then they take their new knowledge back to WilsonLABS and start designing.

The fundamentals of football training reach back to the sport’s origins, and much of it concentrates on handling the ball well. Players must develop the strength to pass the ball long distances, good form to hold onto the ball in bad weather, and speed to release the ball at the optimal moment. We developed three products that allow coaches to hone each of these skills and further their team’s development. Together, the Wilson Training Footballs provide a comprehensive skill development experience.

Weight Training Football

Some coaches unlace their footballs and place rocks or sand inside it to increase its weight. This tactic may work for short-term strength-building, but it doesn’t replicate the ball’s natural feel. It also can cause a player to overcompensate when running with an unaltered football.

The Wilson Weight Training Football weighs 20 ounces instead of the traditional 14. We make it from the same leather as our GST line, so it offers the same feel as a standard ball, just with more weight.

Suitable for youth ages 14+ up to college, this official-sized ball provides strength training for running drills and run/pass option handoff training.


Slick Training Football

When football season turns cold and rainy, gripping the football becomes an added challenge for players. To prep their teams for wet weather, coaches will often submerge their footballs in water or coat the balls with a slippery substance to simulate unfavorable conditions. While this method will condition players and improve their gripping form, it quickly degrades the footballs and makes them useless.

The Wilson Slick Training Football arrives pre-treated to simulate wet conditions. This collegiate ball features slick leather and smooth laces that improve grip strength and ball-handling skills. Training with this youth 14+ collegiate-designed football increases the player’s advantage when playing in extreme conditions.


Laceless Training Football

Modern football moves fast. In the heat of the scramble, getting the ball to a receiver quickly is the only thing that matters, and finding the laces first takes too much time. Training with a laceless football develops fast timing and effective passing, as demonstrated by coaches who cut out the laces and glue the football back together. The problem is, the glue doesn’t hold well, and the method makes the ball feel strange.

Wilson’s Laceless Training Football takes the idea of a laceless ball to the next level. Our GST-inspired collegiate design assists NFL, NCAA, and high school quarterbacks in speeding up their passes and reducing their reliance on the lace position.

Preparing to play modern football is an exercise in speed and accuracy, and training with a laceless ball improves players in both those areas.


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