Top 5 Golf Gifts for Dad and Mom

Looking for the perfect golf gifts for dad or mom? Send them to the links with one of these ace gifts.


If your mom or dad (or both) enjoy golf, Wilson’s superior line of golf clubs, balls, and accessories make fantastic gifts. Choose from high-quality and affordable drivers, fairways, and hybrids, personalized golf balls, and plenty of other accessories to increase their enjoyment of the game. Every time they get out on the course, they’ll think of you and your thoughtful gift choices. Here are some of Wilson’s top options:


1. Men's Wilson Staff D7 Driver Woods, Staff Fairway Woods, and Staff D7 Hybrid Woods

These golf clubs combine beauty, affordability, and performance with their touch of blue, carbon fiber crown, and a bonded hosel for improved weight management. With Kevlar® woven into the carbon fiber layers, the [K]omposite Crown Design delivers an outstanding sound and feel. Additionally, these D7 heads are coupled with a lightweight low-resin carbon fiber shaft and a standard Wilson Staff Microlite Lamkin grip. Each model offers specific choices:

Men's Wilson Staff D7 Driver: Choose from lofts of 9, 10.5, or 13, shaft flex of regular, senior, or stiff, and right or left hand.

Men's Wilson Staff D7 Fairway: Choose from 15 deg/3W, 18 deg/5W, or 21 deg/7W lofts, a shaft flex of regular, senior, or stiff, and right or left hand.

Men's Wilson Staff D7 Hybrid: Choose from 17 deg /2H, 19 deg /3H, 31 deg /7H, 28 deg /6H, 25 deg /5H, and 22 deg/4H. These feature a shaft flex of regular, senior, or stiff, and right or left hand.

Order now and get $50 off all D7 woods.


2. Women's Wilson Staff D7 Driver Woods, Staff Fairway Woods, and Staff D7 Hybrid Woods

Like the men’s D7 clubs, these women’s clubs are also high-performance, attractive, and affordable. They feature Wilson’s own [K]omposite Crown Design and a superlight construction for higher swing speeds and maximum distance off the tee. The performance-optimized Dynamic Launch Control distributes the weight where it’s needed most. The specs for these models are as follows:

Women's Wilson Staff D7 Driver: 13.5-degree club, 58.0 lie, 44.5 length, and a C4 swing weight.

Women’s Staff Fairway Woods: Choose from 15.5 deg/3W, 18.5 deg/5W, or 21.5 deg/7W lofts, women’s shaft flex, and right hand.

Women’s Staff D7 Hybrid Woods: Choose from 31 deg /7H, 28 deg /6H, 25 deg /5H, or 22 deg/4H, women’s shaft flex, and right hand.

Order now and get $50 off all D7 woods.


3. Reflex Women’s Complete Golf Club Sets

Choose one of these complete golf sets to truly surprise your mom. Wilson designs the Reflex Complete Club Sets to meet women's unique physical characteristics and then pairs the clubs with functional and attractive cart bags. The grip size, club length, shaft design, and flex all accommodate the needs of women athletes, and each component represents Wilson’s exceptional engineering and performance. This set includes three “easy to hit” hybrids that improve distance and a weighted putter with a soft polymer face insert for improved distance control. Lastly, Wilson performed advanced color trend analysis to find these great color choices.


4. Personalized Golf Balls

Wilson golf balls deliver best-in-class spin, control, and distance. Whether you choose a staff model, Duo Professional, Duo Soft, or Duo Optix, there’s a perfect golf ball to accompany your other golf gifts for dad or mom. The packs of 12 are convenient and make life easier on the course.

Take these gifts to the next level by ordering them personalized with a logo or text and take a test drive on our website with your ideas before you buy. Here are some great personalized golf ball options:


Wilson’s Staff Duo Optix Golf Balls combine a smaller core with bright matte finish colors that results in a stylish ball that tracks easily and displays a custom logo like a pro.

The Wilson Staff DUO Soft+ Golf Balls maintain a reputation as the softest premium two-piece performance golf ball. The VelocitiCOR™ materials amplify swing power for maximum distance.

Wilson Staff DUO Professional Golf Balls deliver tour-level performance with an innovative urethane cover to produce a trackable and distinctive ball even without personalization.

Wilson Staff Model Golf Balls feature a 4-piece design that offers a best-in-class feel, distance, and control. Between the cast urethane cover, the hard ionomer outer mantle, HPF inner mantle, and an advanced core, these golf balls generate unmatched velocity, distance, and spin performance.


Wilson’s Staff Duo Optix Golf Balls in orange combine that same small core with a bright matte finish color that results in a stylish ball that tracks easily. Text personalization offers three text lines with 12 characters each for a fun way to personalize the ball for your mom or dad.

Player Number

Wilson Staff Model Golf Balls with Player Number may also be personalized with your mom or dad’s player number. Up to four numbers displayed in a classic serif font, they’ll never have trouble finding their shots on the course.


5. Wilson NFL Stand Golf Bag

Let your mom or dad overlap their enthusiasm for the NFL by showing their team loyalty on the golf course. These Wilson NFL Carry Golf Bags not only display their team’s colors and embroidered logos, but they also provide a lightweight design that is perfect for walking the course.

The quick-activation stand is convenient and sturdy, and the four points double strap makes it easy to mount on or off your golfer’s shoulders. Lastly, the strong polyester fabric construction provides durability for travel and bad weather.


6. Launch Pad Irons

Wilson’s innovative Launch Pad Irons for men and women have a reputation for forgiveness and performance boost. With an extra-wide sole and hollow construction, your dad or mom will be hitting much more golf ball and a lot less turf. The low center of gravity gets balls off the ground and into the air, and this club can reduce fat shots by 73%. These clubs are worth every penny for players with a high handicap and can help make your mom or dad’s game that much more fun. Choose from these models:

Men’s Launch Pad Irons-Graphite (4-PW) feature a graphite shaft and either a regular or senior flex. The lightweight shaft improves head speed, and the midsize grip provides a comfortable feel and confident swing.

Women’s Launch Pad Irons-Graphite (4-PW) also sport a lightweight graphite shaft that works with the women’s shaft flex and Wilson Staff Women’s Soft Feel grip.

Men’s Launch Pad Irons-Steel have a steel shaft and are available in a regular or stiff flex. They also feature the Wilson Staff 2 Crossline black midsize grip.

Order any of these Launch Pad Irons now and receive free iron headcovers with your purchase.


Just in Case

If your mom or dad is challenging to buy for, a Wilson digital gift card is always a safe choice and takes the guesswork out of your shopping. Wilson's fully customizable gift cards let your giftee choose exactly what they want from Wilson’s extensive sports equipment inventory.