The Back-to-Golf Essentials

Everything you need to get back out there.


Your back-to-golf must haves!

Golf is back! Whether you’re a course-regular or just starting out, we’ve put together an all-you-need-to-golf checklist so you’re ready to get out there.

1. Re-Stock Your Golf Balls

There’s nothing worse than walking up to the first tee and realizing you’re almost out of golf balls. Be sure to grab a dozen before you get out there. If you’re a higher-scoring player or playing a difficult course, you may want to grab some more just in case the course decides to rob a few balls from you.

If you play golf frequently, be sure to check out our new Baller Box Subscription so you never walk up to the first tee empty-handed again!

Pro Tip: Playing a ball that’s right for your game is important. Check out our Ball Selector Guide to see which ball fits your play.

2. Pick Up a Fresh Glove

Before you get to swinging, make sure your glove is in good condition. A worn-down glove makes it harder to comfortably grip the club, so be sure to grab a new one this season if yours is looking well-used.

Gloves for the most part are similar so pick one that feels comfortable to wear. Always remember the glove goes on your non-dominant hand! (If you golf right-handed, you’ll want to grab a left-hand glove.)

3. Freshen-up Your Wedges

Your short game is key! If your wedge grooves are looking worn down, it’s probably time to replace them. You typically want a few different wedges for the various types of shot you’ll face on the course. We suggest having one of the below wedge combinations in your bag.

  • 50° or 52°
  • 54° or 56°
  • 58° or 60°

4. Upgrade Your Bag

Whether you’re walking or carting, your gear needs a home.

If you are planning on walking more this season, we suggest a light-weight carry bag that can hold everything you need without slowing you down. All carry bags are versatile and easily fit on the back of a cart in case you do decide to ride.

Pro Tip: If you're just getting into the game, we recommend checking out our Complete Set options. Complete Sets come with every club you need to play as well as a bag. It's the easiest way to get out there.

5. Be ready for the elements!

Playing a round means a lot of time outside! Make sure you’re prepared rain or shine with a Wilson Staff hat, umbrella or apparel.

Pro Tip: Some courses require certain attire to play there, however most don’t. We suggest double-checking the course rules to make sure you are wearing appropriate attire! Otherwise, just wear what is comfortable – a typical round takes around 3-4 hours so comfort is key.