Checking in with Gary Woodland

We chatted with US Open Champion Gary Woodland to find out what he's up to during his downtime.


Wondering what Gary Woodland’s been up to? We checked in with the US Open Champion to see how he’s spending his downtime. Turns out, he’s watching sports reruns and Tiger King like the rest of us.


What show are you binging right now?

Right now I’m watching Ozark. I love the show, I’m so happy it’s back. It was a long wait, but Season 3 is amazing. I’m only halfway through so don’t tell me what’s going on.

Favorite comfort food?

Right now I’m on a diet so I’m eating all healthy, which is no fun at all. But I do get a cheat day. Every Sunday I get one meal. Right now I’m on pizza. I love pizza. So I look forward to that every Sunday.

Any good throwback games that you’ve watched?

They replayed the 2008 National Championship the other day on TV. Kansas vs. Memphis. Awesome, I was actually there when it happened. That was actually the first time I watched it on TV but it was awesome to relive that and watch Kansas come from behind and win the National Championship.

Favorite game to play with the kids?

Right now the kids wake up everyday around 2:30 from naptime, take them in the pool, waste some energy, throw the kid up in the air, have a little fun, swim all day and just enjoy the Florida sun down here and great weather we have going on.

Have you watched Tiger King?

I have watched half of Tiger King. I’ve seen four episodes. I think there’s six. I mean it’s crazy and it continues to get crazier every episode I watch.


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