How to Improve Ball Contact with Brendan Steele

Looking to play like Pros even from home? Advisory Staff member and PGA Tour player Brendan Steele shares a key tip for working on your game without the course or range.


Working on your game from home can be tough. Whether you’re hitting into a net, or maybe even using a mattress for your backstop, it can be hard to tell where exactly you’re hitting the ball and ultimately how well you’re hitting the ball.

PGA Tour player and Wilson Advisory Staff member, Brendan Steele says not to worry. You may not be able to tee it high and watch it fly, but you can focus on one thing: hit the ball straight and flush.


You want your clubface to be straight when it comes in contact with the ball. While you’re practicing in the backyard, basement or living room, focus on great ball contact and make sure that downswing is coming straight-on the ball.

By working on your ball striking, you’ll be able to find more fairways on the course the next time you get out there.