5 Reasons to Share Pickleball With Family This Holiday

Spread the pickleball love this holiday season with those you love most!


While the coronavirus pandemic has brought all sorts of challenges, it has also incited the opportunity for internal reflection. With all of this time for reflection, we are forced to ask ourselves the big questions: Where do I want to go with my career? What hobby or skill can I take up? How can I make this holiday fun and memorable despite everything going on?

Look no further than the wonderful sport of pickleball! This fun sport with the goofy name has been taking the country by storm, collecting fans from all walks of life along the way. Many facilities are even transforming tennis courts into pickleball courts, so look out for indoor local facilities with available courts (pandemic guidelines notwithstanding).

Here’s a look at 5 top reasons to bring pickleball to your family this holiday season.


1. Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in America

With every year comes higher numbers of reported pickleball players across the country. Whether it’s at the recreational, league or professional level, interest in this sport nationally has never been higher. While it’s been around since 1965, its popularity has risen significantly in the last decade to over 3 million players in the United States! And with that a flood of popularity comes hundreds of new courts popping up everywhere. It’s trending, and it’s likely to trend for a whole lot longer.


2. Pickleball is social distance-friendly

Pickleball requires a smaller area than tennis, but it still lends itself to social distancing. Oftentimes it’s played as doubles, so you and your partner may be in closer contact with each other, but you play across the net from your opponents and you never have to physically engage with another person. All of our Safe Tennis Tips can also be easily applied to pickleball.


3. Pickleball is incredibly easy to pick up and play on the fly

Some sports just require a lot of time and patience to learn how to play, but good news for you – pickleball is not one of them! Ever play ping pong? We like to think of pickleball as a hybrid between ping pong and tennis. You stand on a court across the net from your opponents like tennis, but you swing with paddles and use a plastic ball for what typically amounts to slower, lengthier rallies. You will learn some of the nuances of the game with time, but it is a blast for anybody who even picks up a paddle for the first time! And don’t worry, we lay it all out in How to Play Pickleball.


4. Pickleball does not require a significant toll on the body

No doubt, there is often a physical burden whenever you play most competitive sports. But if you were to put all the sports on a spectrum from no risk to severe risk of physical injury, pickleball would fall very close to the no-risk end. We can’t say it’s totally risk-free… after all, you can tear an ACL taking a shower or getting out of your chair. But you don’t have to cover a whole lot of ground (especially in doubles), the serve is underhand and the paddles are lightweight. This is a big reason why pickleball is so crazy popular among retirees. Really, there aren’t many sports you can play with your grandparents, but this is certainly one of them. What can we say, pickleball is a recipe for family fun!


5. Pickleball can be social, but doesn’t have to be

We get it – many people are feeling the effects of being cooped up at home during this pandemic. Pickleball presents an opportunity to get out and be social with a small circle of family or friends, while playing a highly enjoyable game. That being said, it is very accommodating for anybody who just loves to play the sport and wants some competitive fun. Pickleball doesn’t discriminate, and that’s just another reason why so many people are engaging with this sport.

Yes, it may be less than ideal for those who live in colder states during the winter, but you could always dink back and forth with a family member in the comfort of your own home to help prep for spring!



Pickleball can, and often does, become addictive. With simple rules, low barrier to entry and tons of available courts across the country, this is a perfect hobby to pick up for people of all ages and backgrounds. If you’re interested in getting started, check out our pickleball gift guide outlining our top paddles and accessories for this holiday season here. Happy pickleballing!